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Graphic Design

Visual design of flyers, logos, posters, presentations,  guides, and copywriting.

Logo Design

When designing a logo, I follow the below process.

  1. Understand the brand.
  2. Brainstorm words that describe the brand. Discover synonyms and other words that describe the brand’s central theme.
  3. Create some sketches. Make the first draft of several different logo iterations.
  4. Collaborate with client/logo owner.
  5. Choose a sketch and refine.
  6. Develop the logo’s layout on Canva or Illustrator. 
  7. Choose the colors. Create a color palete that speaks to the brand and overall theme.
  8. Choose the font(s). 
  9. Create 3-4 mock-ups for client/logo owner for approval.
  10. Ensure scalability.

Presentation Design

When designing a presentation, I follow the below process.

  1. Choose a consistent style (fonts, colors, graphics), preferably aligned with the brand.
  2. Organize/outline the design.
  3. Go big with visuals, ensure all slides are not text-heavy or difficult to read.
  4. Replace words with visual representation where appropriate.
  5. Collaborate on draft of presentation with stakeholders and make revisions.
  6. Include activities/energizers to keep the audience engaged and participating.
  7. Test run the presentation.
  8. Fine tune the presentation.

Flyer Design

When designing a flyer, I follow the below process.


  1. Collaborate on the overall objective of the marketing campaign/flyer purpose.
  2. Identify the target audience.
  3. Choose a consistent style (fonts, colors, graphics), preferably aligned with the brand.
  4. Create concise content.
  5. Add call to action items to flyer.
  6. Choose attractive/relevant images.
  7. Decide on flyer size.
  8. Create draft flyer for stakeholder collaboration and approval.
  9. Polish final touches for print/distribution.

Guides and Infographics

Infographics and guides are a powerful tool for disseminating huge amounts of information to the masses. 

I utilize similar graphic design skills and processes for creating guides and infographics as I do for flyers.

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